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Strategy & Design: Rethink the Plumbing Aisle for Home Depot

Project Overview

Home depot is the ultimate DIY stop over but there is little differentiation with other players in the category. opportunity to take up a solution that will help it differentiate itself.

The DIY customers are looking at cutting down labour cost, want to control the entire home improvement process are caught up in the aesthetics of their final project, they don’t know what they need and are frustrated when they get it wrong and have to visit the store multiple times to just get one thing fixed.

The Problem

People are doing DIY plumbing projects but the process is lengthy and riddled with pain points

Our in depth interview with the store associate, Mr Lenny, dedicated to the plumbing aisle was our game changer. He took us through his interaction with customers(especially the upcoming DIYers) and his willingness to help but customers don’t know what they were looking for. They make several stops at the store and each time get frustrated

Project Goals

We set out to eliminate the 2nd/3rd visit

- Makes shopping for plumbing efficient and less daunting, while equipping customers with knowledge and empowerment.

- Improve in-store shopping experience for both store associates and upcoming DIYers hence quicker project turnover for DIYers to take up more projects.

The Solution

So we created an AI Chatbot that provides 24/7 assistance via the HD website and app

The Pipe doctor

“Hi my name is Lenny and my goal is to make the research and preparation aspect of the DIY renovation process as painless and efficient as possible for all consumers.”

  • How this will work Assists with quick repair fixes to major renovation projects (lots of range) Makes sure the user has all the parts and tools needed Assess the home problem based on the user’s uploaded photo Provides guidance through an overwhelming/daunting research process a.k.a. Plumbing #MakePlumbingSexy ;) Quicker response time in comparison to Home Depot’s current live chat function / real life plumbers Has an approachable, cute, and charming personality that empowers its users

Future iterations

- Add more features like language preference and an AR scanning and diagnosis tool.
- Tap into other expert associates at the store to create differen chatbot personas for other areas of the store.

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