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An integrated marketing campaign

The Ask


Create an integrated marketing campaign for Rainier Beer



Rainier beer is losing its popularity with its local hometown fans due to the surge of the craft beer industry


Reignite the hometown pride with the local beer


"We Drink Rainier Around Here"

The Rainier Brewing Company started in 1878 before Washington was even a state.

- The founder was a first-generation German from a long line of brewmasters. 

Rainier has been the unofficial official beer of the Pacific Northwest for over a century

"If you grew up in Washington, or even if you’re a transplant, you likely drink Rainier not because they taste a great deal better than Miller Highlife, but because it’s what you do"


The Problem

Rainier was simply a regional beer that is "Too small to be big and too big to be small"

The marketplace pressures of competing with national brands -- and then against the renaissance of "craft beers" or "microbrews" in the 1980s -- was too much that Rainier changed its production from Seattle to the state of California for some time and “lost its home glory”

But Rainier is still the symbol of drinking like a local

“I remember when I moved here from California, it felt like once you had a can of Rainier in your hand you got your local badge. Even if you’re kind of a craft [beer] head, it wasn’t an either-or thing, there’s room for both.”

The Opportunity

Drinking Rainier is still the local badge of drinking like a 

We developed a campaign that reignites the hometown pride with Rainier while appealing to the out-towners..

The Concept


The Work

We set up the campaign to use the cultural nuggets and tidbits about the PNW in a slightly edgy tone.


Social Content pushing a limited-edition of WOBBLY beer inspired by the bear that famously got drunk on Rainier Beer. 


What I did.

social listening, 1x1 interviews, campaign strategy, social strategy

What I loved.

Seattle still stands as my favorite city. I enjoyed reliving my experience in bringing the cultural nuggets to life in the campaign

The 'gang'.

Jade Giddens, Art Director

Ezekiel Handleman, Copywriter

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