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Rethinking the Plumbing Aisle at Home Depot

What we did to get smart

Our in-depth interview with the store associate, Mr. Lenny, dedicated to the plumbing aisle was our game changer. He took us through his interaction with customers(especially the upcoming DIY customers) and his willingness to help but customers don’t know what they were looking for. They make several stops at the store and each time get frustrated.

DIY customers mindset


From our subsequent interviews, we learned that DIY customers are motivated to make their house feel more of a home while saving costs. However, they are frustrated when they get it wrong and have to visit the store multiple times to just get one project complete.

consumer journey map.png

The Solution

Introduce the wisdom of experts to eliminate the 2nd/3rd store visits


- Empowering customers with knowledge to make shopping for plumbing efficient and less daunting.

- Improve in-store shopping experience for both store associates and upcoming DIYers hence quicker project turnover for DIYers to take up more projects.

Lenny, the Pipe Doctor

We created an AI Chatbot that provides 24/7 assistance via the HD website and app; bringing his expertise at the initial stage of the consumer journey.

Lenny Illustration.png

“Hi my name is Lenny and my goal is to make the research and preparation aspect of the DIY renovation process as painless and efficient as possible for all consumers.”

Mintmade Fashion (1).png

How this will work

Provides guidance through an overwhelming/daunting research process
Assess the home problem based on the a photo uploaded by user
Prepares users to have all the parts and tools needed for a project.
Assists with quick repairs or major renovation projects (lots of range)

What I did.

social listening, 1x1 interviews, the Consumer journey mapping

What I loved.

Applying a strategy to design thinking and seeing everything come together in solving a complicated design problem.

The 'gang'.

Chandler, XD

Gaby Olivera, XD

Charlotte Olmsted, XD

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