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hi, my name is Nailele!

You can call me Lucy...

About me

I am a storyteller passionate about stories of people, cultures, and brands. We can talk for hours about my travel to twelve countries; over-describing the smells, sights, and sounds of a drive through the high-rise cities in America or the casual walks through the markets in West Africa. Or we can talk about the beer industry, the changing face of the tobacco industry, and how product innovations tend to change in different cultures. 

My career journey started selling tickets on the streets of Nairobi, this is where I learned the art of cold selling. I mastered my selling to a point that I took a commission-only sales job; selling advertising space to hotels

When I am not being business-like, I freeze moments with my photography skills, I model for small boutique stores. I am also notorious for keeping trash until I find ways to 'reuse' them to make art; I am currently using wine labels, from my collection of empty wine bottles, to make wall art (come back soon to check it out)

Quick Facts

What keeps me up at night?

The fear of starting something and it fails. I spend a lot of time thinking and rethinking, concepts to just make sure I gave an idea my best shot.

What books am I currently reading?

I read two books at any given time. Americana by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is my fictional read this month, and listening to Contagious; why things catch on, by Jonah Berger is my business read.

What your favorite apps for the month?

Spotify; because I am a sucker at keeping up with music releases.

What music are you currently into?

I am an incurable romantic. So I will probably be listening to a chilled RnB album curated for me by Spotify.  I mostly listen to Latin music when I am cooking because it is an unbearable chore.



My curiosities can't keep still


An excuse to "people watch" and writing Haikus


Turning trash to little treasures


This is my way of remembering the little things, long after I have forgotten everything else.

Thrift Shopping

The joy of finding a good piece is unmatched

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