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Grifffin Farley's Beautiful Minds Finalists.

Fundraising Campaign 

Client: Good Call, New York

Project Turnaround Time: 10 days Sprint

My team(of 3 other strategists) and I made it to the final round of presentations at the Griffin Farley's Beautiful Minds Strategy Workshop, organized by BBH New York.


Good Call offers free legal service to people who are wrongfully arrested due to systemic injustices. It brings an actionable, deliverable, clear, and direct change in the system by giving everyone equal opportunity to legal support.

The situation

Big tragic events have always pushed people to donate 

Before Floyd’s death, the Minnesota Freedom Fund had only raised $75,000 a year. After the movement, they raised $20 million in four days. - Forbes

Research shows that someone in the United States is being arrested every 3 seconds. 80% of these arrests are of low-level offenses and mostly people of color

Unfortunately, legal help comes too late after potentially damaging events have unfolded.

These low-level offenses do not make the headlines but their inability to get help in these critical moments oftentimes lead to devastating outcomes, including getting fired from their jobs, being wrongfully sent to jail for weeks on end, and admitting to crimes they didn't commit.

Screenshot 2020-12-01 at 01.24.01.png
Screenshot 2020-12-01 at 01.23.45.png

The Strategy

Make these everyday stories feel just as relevant and captivating to nudge approximately 200,000 well-intentioned activities to donate at least $5

"Cost Of Living"

This campaign would put a spotlight on the everyday arrests highlighting the actual costs of what is lost from staying in jail longer than if they had proper legal representation.

Instagram Stunt


Cause uproar with overpriced items on frequented lifestyle accounts


Influencer posts and stories marketing diapers for absurdly high costs

The reveal

Repost creative with an extended carousel telling Adriana’s story of taking care of your child and getting arrested for it


Our target donor uses Instagram everyday for entertainment, shopping and news

Virtual Auction Event


A website extension on Good Call's current platform with stories attached to the items that people can ‘buy’ to support

The reveal

Learn about the story and put your best price on it to donate


Alter the way people think about these items in relation to these injustices on a daily basis


Donors love to see the progress made by an organization. The auction will give them an inside look into the stories they have touched and make more donations by placing an auction on the items tied to the stories


Communications Plan

We understand that the big moments in the year will still drive more donations, so we mapped our activities with these cultural moments in the background. This campaign will run through the year starting in the teaser content in the winter holiday months(when people are more likely to donate). We projected to get covered by media outlets & crown it all with the auction event that was slated for Good Call's anniversary.


Projected results

- The influencers' reach would give the campaign up to 7million worth of reach. We decided to tap into micro donors who are likely to pay $5, With a conversion rate of 2.55% on influencer marketing, we projected to raise close to $890,000 in one-off donations.


- 45.5% of our projected one-of-donors will likely make monthly donations which will prorate the amounts to 4M in monthly donations by the end of the year.

What I did.

Social Listening, Campaign Strategy, Comms Planning, Competitive Analysis

What I loved.

 We started off as 4 complete strangers on a Zoom Call. The late nights brainstorming sessions made led us to some great ideas.

The 'gang'.

Elizabeth Tillemans

Henry Youtt

Jaylen Culp

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