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Professional Summary

Passionately curious about different cultural perspectives, my leadership style is fundamentally inclusive. I enthusiastically explore challenging and fulfilling opportunities which feed my curiosities and entrepreneurial spirit while adding value to the communities that I have chosen to be part of.


Strategy  Storytelling    Management    Branding 
  Events Planning    Fundraising    Entrepreneurship


  • Brand Positioning

  • User Personas

  • Creative Briefing

  • Communication Planning

  • Culture Mapping


  • Conducting Surveys

  • Coordinating Focus Groups

  • Man-on-the-street Interviews


  • Logic flow and structure

  • Client pitches

  • Data visualisation


Crimson Hexagon/Brandwatch

Adobe Suite

Final Cut Pro X



Work Experience

October 2020; 2 week project

Griffin Farley's Beautiful Minds for Strategists - 2020 Finalist

Client: Good Call(based in Newyork)

Good Call designed its services to offer free legal service to people who are wrongfully arrested due to systemic injustices. To scale, they needed to raise 1M in donations in 2021 as well as raise awareness.


Campaign design; Inspired by the stories of the everyday arrests, we designed a campaign with an Instagram stunt to put a spotlight on the everyday relatable things and attached costs to them as what is lost from staying in jail longer without legal representation.


Projected results; The influencers reach more than 7million worth of reach. We decided to tap into micro donors who are likely to pay $5, and with a conversion rate of 2.55% on influencer marketing, we projected

to raise close to $890,000 in one-off donations.

June - August 2018

POSSIBLE: Strategy Intern

Internal Campaign; Led the strategy on a campaign to create awareness around unconscious phone usage at work that informed the user experience journey in designing the app help curb the impulsive checking.


Content Strategy; Collaborated with strategists on keyword research and that helped in writing metadata descriptions for for the Gates Foundation website launch.


Consumer Research; Conducted both primary and secondary research for  Wingstop's brand-house that helped inform the client pitch.

June 2015 - December 2017

Golden Footprints: Events Concepts


As the founder, I was at the core of creating these concepts. Once Upon A Time was one of our first concepts targeting people looking for an old fashioned movie-going experience.


I was able to manage and coordinate all the activities in line with event marketing, vendors, Suppliers, Tickets sales, that led to seven successful events in Nairobi and Mombasa. 


The highlight of these events was our authentic  Drive-In Movie theatre experience that we held at Two River Mall.

April 2014 - June 2016

Hotlist Group Limited: Virtual Tours, Photography, Website Design


In 2014, I joined my friends and co-founded Hotlist Group; a one-stop-shop for digital marketing tools* for the hospitality and real estate industries.

I spearheaded the Sales and Marketing activities that helped in providing a top-to-bottom redesign of our services, customer prospecting, and acquisition to become the leading Virtual Tour company in East Africa.


I was at the core of customer relations; from signing-up a client to the design and delivery of their specified needs to building long-term relations.

Today the company has 300+ clients spread across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and Zanzibar


*Virtual Tours(Virtual Reality enabled), Photography, Website & Graphic Design, 3D Rendering.


Aug 2017 - May 2021

VCU Brandcenter : Ms. Business of Branding

A key focus on using consumer research to connect people, brands, and culture.

Brand Strategy, Creative Thinking, Account Planning, Market Research, Cultural Impact, Design Thinking, Strategy & Design

May 2016 - December 2016

Simon Page College of Marketing: Post-Diploma Certificate in Marketing(CIM)

Strategy, Mastering Metrics, Driving Innovation

August 2008 - May 2013

Kisii University: Bachelor's in Business Management

October 2020; 10-day project

Griffin Farley's Beautiful Minds for Strategists - 2020 Finalist

Client: Good Call(based in Newyork)

Developed a comprehensive 5-year marketing plan with a 3-level phased marketing strategy to best position Oasis’ healthcare facilities to meet their business objectives.

Applied analytical skills to monitor and analyze Oasis’ website trends in order to identify their target customers and reported insights that informed Oasis’ communication strategy.

Conducted category and competitive analyses of the healthcare industry in Kenya so as to develop ways through which Oasis could leverage its competitive advantage.

Conducted ten in-depth interviews to identify how customers chose healthcare facilities and compiled findings of the consumer journey into an integrated report.

Developed a communication strategy with a detailed content strategy that included a tactful content marketing plan outlining promotional activities to keep Oasis Healthcare top of mind within the Healthcare Facility landscape.

Led the team in redesigning Oasis’ customer touchpoints (websites, social media posts, and company profiles) to best represent what the facilities offered.

Organizational Structure, Marketing, Accounting(cost and financial accounting).


Cultures inspire me


An excuse to "people watch"


Trash to treasure


I shoot Nikon


An Expert Thrifter


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