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Fundraising Campaign: "Cost of Living"

My team and I made it to final round of presentations at the Griffin Farley's Beautiful Minds Strategy Workshop, organised by BBH New York.



Good Call designed its services to offer free legal service to people who are wrongfully arrested due to systemic injustices regardless of race, sex, or gender. The reality is that someone is being arrested every 3 seconds. 80% of these are low-level offences and mostly people of color. Good Call brings an actionable, deliverable, clear, and direct change in the system by giving everyone equal opportunity to legal support.

The Ask

To scale, GoodCall needed to raise 1M in donations in 2021 as well as raise awareness towards free legal services offered to those wrongfully arrested

The Problem

While well-intentioned activists get overwhelmed with more non-profits to donate to, donations are still linked to tragic viral moments.

We established that well-intentioned activists donate to these causes but especially when tragedy strikes. For instance, before Floyd’s death, the Minnesota Freedom Fund had only raised $75,000 a year. After the movement, they raised $20 million in four days. - Forbes

The Creative Challenge

Turning everyday moments into cues to ignite big change

Give the well-intentioned activists a cue to encourage everyday donations by making everyday moments feel just as relevant and just as captivating as the big ones and encourage them to donate.


The Campaign:

"Cost of Living"

Inspired by the stories of everyday arrests being made while the person was doing the most mundane errands like grabbing a coca cola from a convenience store, or a mother arrested for leaving her kid with a friend to go to get diapers, or someone arrested for fitting the description etc. This campaign would put a spotlight on the everyday moments highlighting the actual costs of what is lost from staying in jail longer than if they had proper legal representation.


The Work

Instagram Influencer Stunt

We will identified Influencers who are using their Instagram to create awareness on social injustices. Teaser content: Cause an uproar with overpriced items on frequented lifestyle accounts; "$7,000 in child custody fees after you’ve been wrongly separated”

The Big Reveal Repost creative with an extended carousel telling Adriana’s story of taking care of your child and getting arrested for it


Website extension: Virtual Auction event

The auction will give the audience an inside look into more stories they have touched and make more donations by placing an auction on the items tied to the stories.

Projected Results

- The influencers reach would give the campaign up to 7million worth of reach. We decided to tap into micro donors who are likely to pay $5, With a conversion rate of 2.55% on influencer marketing, we projected to raise close to $890,000 in one-off donations. - 45.5% of our projected one-of-donors will likely make monthly donations which will prorate the amounts to 4M in monthly donations by the end of the year.

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