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Creative Brief: Black Box Wine

The Ask: A Creative Brief for Black Box Wine

The wine habits have changed for the Millennial Wine drinkers. My team and I set our to help Black Box Wines best position the brand in a category that has been associated with "cheap college parties".


Brand background

Black Box wine successfully pioneered the premium boxed wine category with its release in 2003. Over the years, Black Box earned nearly fifty gold medals in wine competitions and remains a popular choice among boxed wine buyers.

However, with of the introduction of other premium boxed wine brands, Black Box is now overlooked and overshadowed due to the competitions’ strong brand positioning.

Category Insight

Boxed wines are for designed for and associated with cheap college parties and big gatherings.

They are convenient in terms of quantity, Price and portability. All marketing campaigns still shows different forms of partying; friends at the beach and casual parties.

Cultural Problem: "Slap The Bag"

These wine drinkers are interested in premium boxed wine but think of it as an event and outdoor product for cheap parties that they are no longer accustomed to.

From the discussions at the focus groups, the thought of drinking boxed wines(to millennial wine drinkers) brought back memories of their college days when you were looking for something cheap and the quality of wine really didn’t matter to them. Some feel embarrassed to bring it to dinner because of this association of "slapping the bag".

The challenge

How do you get people to shift their thinking on box wine?

Show that Black Box is the elevated Box wine with class and charm by re-imagining the nights as a sophisticated night of some cool music playing in the background, a day she is wearing her little black dress with red lipstick and having deep conversations.
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